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Hello, my friend rusted need help to map making. He can pay you for some houses in city and tnt craters. Theme is zombie survival city.  If you are interesed in you can see details here:


It will be map to a new starting server!

If you have any questions go here: 57rusted and send him Private Message.


Biome Jumper 2.0

Biome jumper is a parkour and climb connection into one. Ideally for beginners in jumping. It’s for 30 minutes or 1 hour gameplay map.  Nice landscape building. I very liked this map. You must play it too 🙂

Original author: CptCoro

Rules:  Don’t break blocks(unless told), don’t place any blocks etc. (same as in every parkour or climb map.)

Rules are also included in map. You can use other, own or default texture pack.

Biome Jumper 2.0 - Start

Biome Jumper 2.0 - Plain biome

Biome Jumper 2.0 - Sand biome

Biome Jumper 2.0 - Sand Biome

Biome Jumper 2.0 - Snow Biome

Biome Jumper 2.0 - Nether Biome? :D


Download Biome Jumper 2.0

Click here to learn filling surveys! (Without it you can’t download the file)

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Full story on: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1124409-advpuzpark-in-the-shadow-of-the-tree-15000-dls/

This map in one word is amazing! You can find here a long story, big redstone puzzles and huge challenges! Awesome viewpoints and moutatin structure. Same as always – the best fun is on multiplayer.  You must try this map. It’s very long – for 2-3 hours of gameplay. If you never played adventure map, you can download this and try your skill in parkour and logic puzzles.


1. Don’t place blocks. If sign tell you to place block – do it 😛
2. No destroying blocks. (Exceptions: Clay) Do NOT place Clay!
3. Do NOT reuse keys. (Levers/Buttons)
4. Keep difficulty on peaceful. Until otherwise instructed.
5. Use beds as checkpoints. (Or command “/setspawn” in multiplayer)
6. Collect Golden Apples for highscores.


Posted Image

In the shadow of tree

In the shadow of tree

Screenshots are not mine becasue I have some problems with minecraft ON MY computer and I can’t take screens in Full HD resoultion or widescreen[I played this map on 4:3 monitor] – so sorry about this.

Texutre pack is included in ziped file.

Creator of the map: jsext1101


Directly from Mediafire

Small donation for author of site (Then Mediafire)

Puzzling Shock is a map for 2 players or 1 player.  Over 15 chambers to beat. Misc challenges: parkour and redstone puzzles. In some of them you must find code to door or jump over lava. The best fun was on parkour.

Own texture packs are allowed.

Rules are included to map.

If you on multiplayer spawn somewhere out of map teleport to coordinates: X: 158 Y: 6 Z: -321

Puzzling Shock - Parkour in map

Puzzling Shock

Puzzling Shock - Chambers


Posted Image


Author: Zombie 101


Mediafire (ADF.LY)

[Puzzle] The Frozen Caverns

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The Frozen Cavens is a map which has many a very nice viewpoint’s.  In this map you must collect all disc’s and put them to trophy room which is hidden. Map is very big. Have fun!


-Dont use hacks, mods or something other that could destroy a gameplay.

-You can collect discs only form chests

-Play on easy – for more challenges play on harder difficult

-Dont run on bedrock layer

-Don’t destroy sand in trophy room

Posted Image

Posted Image

Original Author: colorfusion


Download without TinyPaste(ADF.LY –> Mediafire)

Did you know the game called Tomb Raider 2? You played this on PC or PSX. It’s a very nice “platform/adventure” game with amazing story-line. I saw some people tried to recreate TR2 levels in minecraft and it looks amazing.

Here you can see croft manor building:

It looks equally same in TR2, isn’t it?

You can see here Venice created in minecraft with custom mods and texture packs:

Remember The Great Wall? It’s a first level in Tomb Raider

I am not a film/movie/videos author.

What do you think about recreating Tomb Raider 2 storyline to minecraft? For me actually minecraft version has too few options for recreating that big thing. It’s a lot of work but it would be very interesing and awesome. Maybe someone will build something like that? What about another game recreation in minecraft? What do you think? Write in comments.

The tourist is the map about 2012 apocalypse. You must find out why you are alone in the Paris and there’s no body else.  It’s huge map to about 2-3 hourse of gameplay. You can play in this map own noteblock music such as AC/DC 🙂 Big buildings, long gameplay, nice design – that what adventure map would be.

Rules: Don’t destroy blocks, dont place blocks, play on peaceful

For this map better option to play will be singleplayer.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Author: stratocrafteur

Some images  are taken from minecraftforum.net

Custom texture pack is required.

Avilable french version!


Planet Minecraft

[Other] Ghast Survival

Map hasn’t challenges or objective. It’s only map made for fun. And that map is funny. The best gameplay is when you play with someone. Some actions, nervs, adrenaline – that’s the best in multiplayer fighting! You have chest with full inventory to start fighting with ghats. Quite fun map. [ new type? 😀 ]

Rules included

You must install and use AntFarm texturepack. – There is it in .RAR file

Direct download(Mediafire)

Author: RawrMonstar(Vic)

Better World Generation 2 LOGO

Better World Generations is a mod which adds to your minecraft old world generation code and add some new biomes. On first look you can see some changes: in your world is more mountains.  Old gravel beaches, sand beaches – now it’s back. Oh wait.. clay above water?! Yes, it changes to. Old clay generator.

It’s combination old minecraft world generator with present biomes,mobs etc. It really make you want to play minecraft.

Don’t work with OptiFine! If you install OptiFine and when you click “Video Options” game is crashing!


What it adds?

  • Old Sand and Gravel Beaches
  • Old Clay generation
  • Old mountain generator
  •  Old Cave generator
  •  Farlands!
  •  More variety
  •  More Mountains
  •  15 biomes
  •  Big lakes


Direct link download(Non ModLoader version)

Direct link download(Minecraft Forge version)

Original thread

Island Adventure Playset LOGO

It’s Survival/Puzzle map. Old but cool map which can be converted to Anvil(minecraft.1.2.5). It takes a few minutes. In map you have 10 misc islands to explore and 8 dungeons to beat. The best fun is in multiplayer. For more fun you can set difficulty to normal – that’s harder challenge. In map are signs with tips.


Don’t use hacks,mods,cheats or inventory hacking.

You can use every texturepack.

Original author: BarthVader

Screen’s and images are taken from minecraftforum.net

Download without ADS!